NanoRed ll<sup>®</sup>

NanoRed II®, new generation of the heating yarn, is from 100% natural mineral. This new technology keeps you dry inside and out.  The thermo additives in polymer absorb and retain body heat, and it also inhibits bacteria.This intelligent adapts to any activity for non-stop comfort and health.


  • 100% natural mineral, skin-friendly, comfort.
  • Permanent heating effect after wash.
  • Good warming effect from body heat.
  • Pass Anti-bacteria test.(Pneumonia & Staphylococcus aureus)
  • Flexible for any colors of dyeing .(white nano powders similar to regular Polyester dye)


  • Underwear、Sportwear、Casual wear、Swimwear、Beddding、Hat/Scarf、Gloves、Socks.