Polyester is an excellent nonconductor polymer; the consequence of the fabric made from regular polyester fiber will accumulate static charge at the clothes surface by friction, which comes from the activities of daily livings, particularly under the surroundings of low temperature and low humidity, the accumulation of static charge will be more noteworthy. It would not only to cause the clinging and dust-pickup to trouble user, in some case, such undesirable static electric even to interferences or hazards apparatus and environment. Hence, OHMLON®, the specifically property-modified polyesters yarn, applied to textiles can be ensure the health and safety for consumers and improve the wearing comfort by preventing the accumulation of static charge and clinging.


  • Excellent anti-static properties
  • Well laundering durability
  • Unrestricted dying colors

Test Standard

(100% OHMLON® Fabric)

  • JIS L1094-1996
  • AATCC 76-1995


  • High quilty lining, interior, car seats cover, filer fabrics.