With high-tech coating or lamination technology, Eagletex®(a kind of nylon 6 fabric and polyester fabric) has advantages of windproof, waterproof, W/R and breathability. Eagletex® is formed with nylon textured yarn and polyester yarns. LIBOLON (a famous fabric manufacturer) recommends Eagletex® for you because Eagletex®( a kind of nylon 6 fabric and polyester fabric) can offer various levels of M/P and MVP base on customer's request. The grade is from 3000/3000 to the highest of 20000/20000. Eagletex® protects you from harsh environments, preventing rain and melting snow from soaking into your clothing vapors through the fabric. You can wear it for daily routine or extreme sports. The fabrics with nylon textured yarn or polyester yarns coat a special resin that makes the fabrics breathability. The excellent functions of this fabric can make you feel comfortable and flexible in movement. LIBOLON (a famous fabric manufacturer) is worth trusting.

Coating Series

  • Dry Coating
  • Wet Coating
  • Water-Based Polyurethane Coatings
  • Eagletex® coating series offer 2 or 2.5 layer for choice.

Lamination Series

3 layer Lamination-Soft Shell

  • Eagletex® soft shell 3 layer uses 4-way Lycra fabrics, it provides functions of waterproof, breathability, windproof, warmth keeping, elasticity and lightness which are comfort in combination with good weather protection.


  • Skiing & Snowboarding wear, Hiking wear, Climbing wear ,athletic wear