The feature of nylon textured yarn is soft good elasticity, high tenacity, abrasion resistance, and easy dyeing. However, the dyeing effect is plain color due to nylon material(POY) is lower oriented than polyester, can not create varitety effect at texturing process. With the professional experience in polyester and nylon, LIBOLON developed the nylon yarn composed by one low dyeing affinity material and regular affinity yarn that can create another new application of nylon product. MixtoneTM brings out different color tones in single dyeing. The color contrast is subject to the percentage of dye stuffs and suitable for circular knitted or jacquard fabric.


  • Dyeing process is the same as the regular Nylon DTY.
  • The best color contract is at 0.5-1.5 percentage of dyed stuff.
  • Against soda/alkali, PH>10 at the scouring or re-dyeing process.

Comparison of Dyed Concentration



  • Garment such as down coat, yoga cloth, pants, sportswear, underwear, hosiery and gloves.