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Cationic Dyeable Filament

Polyester Cationic Dyeable Filament is considered a modified polyester fiber, there are cationic dyeable sulfonic acid groups within the fabric structure, allowing for improvement in its dyeability, and has high degree of staining power. Only a small amount of dye is needed to get a rich and deep color, enhancing the vividness of the dye.

Product Specification

Yarn Type POY SDY High Tenacity POY High Tenacity SDY
Cross- Section
Denier(D) 60~490 75~300 35~490 40~300
Filament 12~96 12~144 12~144 12~96

Product Characteristics

  • Saturable dyeing can be done under regular pressure and 100℃ conditions, no need for high temperature or high pressure in order for dyeing to take place.
  • The cationic dyeable filament itself possesses deep staining and bright color characteristics.
  • Excellent dyeing fastness, can improve the dye migration problem encountered during the laminating and gluing processes.
  • Conjugating with regular polyester, different color effect can be created.

Product Usage

  • Casual wear, sportswear, jackets, and outerwear.


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