LIBOLON has been committed to the research and development of a hosed yarn-dye, by purchasing the latest texturing equipment and through equipment design alterations, to make the yarn-dye have the best exterior form, and to allow for precise control over the uniformity of the interior and exterior density, lowering customer cost and improving the product quality after dyeing.

Product Specification

T 100% 30/12 40/36 50/24 50/36 50/72 75/36
75/72 100/36 100/96 150/36 150/48 150/96
150/144 160/36 200/48 200/192 300/96 330/72

Product Characteristics

  • Dyeing can be done without the guiding tube, lowering yarn-dye costs.
  • Yarn-dye density can be adjusted according to customer needs, meeting all kinds of dyeing conditions.
  • Excellent exterior form, reducing waste.
  • Excellent interior and exterior density consistency, reducing dyeing failure and rebuilt rate.


  1. Hose size: diameter 76mm, lengths are 230 mm and 290 mm.
  2. Yarn exterior form: cone-shaped and bread-shaped.
  3. Yarn density produced: 0.35 ~ 0.5 g/cm3.
  4. The outer diameter can be based on customers' needs.

Product Usage

  • Yarn-dye specific.


Terry Wu

Sales Div. / Manager

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