Product Specifications Application Product Characteristics
Luster Viscosity (I.V.) Lot Number
BR  0.80 S103
  • 》Mineral Water Bottle
  • 》Carbonated Soft Drink Bottle
  • 》Cooking Oil And Soy Sauce
  •     Bottle
  • 》Film
  • 》Monofilament
    • High transparency and glossy.
    • Good formability and east to process.
    • High tenacity and impact resistant.
    • Good chemical resistance towards acidic and organic drugs.
    • Low levels of acetaldehyde (AA).
BR  0.84 S105
BR 0.76 S106
BR 0.88 S107
BR (Homo) 0.76 S104 》Aseptic Filling Bottle


  • Jumbo bag = 1,100kgs 
  • Small bag = 25kgs​

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