Sport / Casual

Sport / Casual


Excellent elasticity, stir resistance and drapability, so that the wearing is more comfortably fit. Depending on the different uses, various elasticity ratios can be designed. Coupled with the changes in the yarn, there is freedom of movement in any kind of sporting activity.


Various kinds of single-sided fabric, double-sided fabric, PK fabric and computer-generated jacquard fabric, all of which use the design changes inherent in the yarn itself to create high quality knitted fabrics suitable for a variety of uses.

Netting Fabrics

Elastic or non-elastic, a variety of netting fabric styles that is breathable and comfortable. They can provide the appropriate protection and support, hence are widely used in a variety of sportswear.


It is light and warm, a must-have in the harsh winter. Whether single-sided or double-sided, or used to fit with another layer or by itself, the use of fleece is extensive. Paired with different kinds of yarn, a variety of beautiful, fashionable yet highly functional fleece fabric can be further created.


Li Peng’s dyeing plant has pre-dyeing equipment, to allow for the dyeing of polyester and nylon yarns, in order to accommodate the customers’ needs to produce all kinds of yarn-dye fabrics, and offering high quality products.


A recycled and eco-friendly solution dyed yarn, offering high color staying power, and a variety of color combinations can create rich and varied fabric texture. The eco-friendly appeal, the high color staying power and the superior texture have made Ecoya the favorite for many well-known brands.

Special Draw Texture Yarn

By rigorously selecting third-party vendors, a variety of special processes can be provided to offer antibacterial, reflective or luminous functions, based on the needs of the customers and the market trends.


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