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Easy Warm Nylon Yarn (Thermalon<sup>®</sup>)

Easy Warm Nylon Yarn (Thermalon®)

When facing global warming which brings of severe winter environment , the world needs a solution. LIBOLON has developed a new product - Thermalon®. By using natural ground powder that comes from volcanic rock, it can offer continuous heat generation and fast moisture absorption to skin. Irregular multi-layered porous structures can behaves long-term heat storage. With the cloth containing Thermalon® allow us to stay warm without heavy-duty performance.



  • Natural materials, non-harmful to skin.
  • Natural color, reduce dying stuff dosage, and energy consumption.
  • Simplified manufacturing process, none extra chemical addition.
  • Quick-drying, deodorizing effect is also included.
  • High heat conservation capacity.

Test Standard




  • Underwear, sportswear, casual wear, swimwear, bedclothes, hat, gloves, socks.


The effect might be influenced by the factors of fabric component, structure and color.