UV-Cut Filament

During the filament pulling and production process, a special micro ceramic powder was added to the fiber of the UV-Cut fabric, making the fiber itself to possess excellent UV resistance ability. It can block out the UVA/UVB rays that are harmful to humans, providing the best sun protection.

Product Specification

Ingredients Properties Yarn Specifications
PA6  Dulling Agent
FDY、POY 40~420 / 11~144
DTY 70/24、70/48、70/68
DTY 140/48、140/96、140/136

Product Characteristics

  • Prevent direct sunlight and damage to the skin; its unique protection makes the wearing more comfortable and cool. Even after several washes, the effectiveness of the UV resistance is completely intact.
  • Excellent UV shielding: can block out the UV rays, and increase the reflectance of visible light, reducing heat conduction velocity, hence providing excellent protection and coolness to the skin.
  • Durability: produced using nylon filament finishing method, unlike other post-process fabric, the fiber itself has long-acting property of UV resistance and is washing resistance that will not lose its function even after several washing.                                


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