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Far Infrared Yarn (NanoRed<sup>®</sup>)

Far Infrared Yarn (NanoRed®)

NanoRed® is far infrared PET yarn with nano-powders (the size of nano-powders is 70~100nm) blended during polymerization process. NanoRed® fiber can absorb energy from sunlight or the human body and release 4~14µm far infrared ray to keep the body warm, expanding capillaries to improve the blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.


Thermal and Heating

  • NanoRed® can absorb solar energy and body heat, then release far infrared ray that can expand the blood capillaries to improve blood circulation.

Accelerate Metabolism

  • Far infrared ray can improve blood circulation to activate cells, so metabolism can be accelerated.

Stable Far Infrared Ray Release

  • Since the nano-powders are added during polymerization process, the emission of far infrared ray is stable.


  • Underwear, sportswear, leisure wear, swimwear, bedding, hat, gloves, socks.


The effect might be influenced by the factors of fabric component, structure and color.