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Thermolysis & Coolness (SecoTecII<sup>®</sup>)

Thermolysis & Coolness (SecoTecII®)

The newest SecoTec II® not only maintains SecoTec® excellent wicking function , but by adding the specific cooling elements like jade powder, it also helps to cool down the body temperature especially in a sultry ambience. With its outstanding character of faster heat conduction, SecoTec II® fabric's surface temperature can be 1-2°C lower than the regular fabric, and make you more comfortable while doing exercise.


  • Cool touch and quick dry
  • Faster heat conduction and better heat convection
  • Effectively moisture regain
  • UV-Cut
  • Soft & light weight



  • Trousers, underwear, sportswear, hat, inner lining for safety helmets.