Yarn dye / Piece dye

LIBOLON has an excellent fully automated computer control system, offering yarn dye with high color fastness, good texture and fast turnaround advantages.

Yarn Dye

Monthly Output: 250 Tons

  • Nylon
  • Polyester

A comparison chart with regular yarn

Piece Dye


Can be enlarged to a maximum width of 84”

  • Nylon Fabric
  • Nylon + OP Fabric
  • Polyester Fabric (including CD yarn)
  • Polyester + OP Fabric


  • Warp Knitting, Circular Knitting Fabric
  • Nylon Fabric
  • Nylon + OP Fabric
  • Polyester Fabric (including CD yarn)
  • Polyester + OP Fabric

Piece Dye Advantages

  1. Fully equipped dyeing facility (with desizing equipment, CDR and CIS), offering any woven fabric, such as Lycra, or other special fabric yarn dye processing.
  2. The dyeing plant offers comprehensive and detailed quality status, specification records and looming machine number on the grey inspection to the customers for their reference.
  3. Comprehensive fabric inspection equipment and professional inspection personnel.
  4. Comprehensive physical properties testing equipment; finished product physical properties testing and report are provided to the customers for reference, reducing the costs associated with notarizing the physical properties testing for the customers.
  5. We have an excellent R&D team and facilities, from testing the samples to mass production, so we can offer the customers consistent onsite finishing production and conditions to ensure the consistency of the product quality.


Jackson Hung

(Piece Dye) Sales Div. / Manager

TEL :02-2100-1188 #2102


11F, No.162, Sung Chiang Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan

江進增 課長 ( 染布聯絡人 )

Section Chief

TEL :02-2100-2188 #2339


5F, No.162, Sungchiang Rd., 10459 Taipei, Taiwan