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Low Temperature Dyed Yarn

This is a polyester filament with the following advantages: pricing, diversity, physical properties, wrinkle resistance, and anti-pilling. However, when it's interwoven or combined with other fiber or yarn, it can cause damage in the other fiber due to a high temperature of 130~135℃ and a high pressure of 2~3kg/cm2 during the dyeing process, resulting in appearance or structural defects in the product and can affect the quality.

Product Specification

Yarn Type Low Temperature Dyed Yarn (POY)
Luster SD
Denier 120~250
Filament 36~144

Product Characteristics

  • Lower dyeing temperature, 98~105℃ for dyeing, environmentally friendly and low energy consumption.
  • Good color fastness; can be machine-washed and the abrasion resistance is the same as regular yarn.
  • Normal pressure dyeing: no need for high-pressure dyeing cylinder.
  • Shorter dyeing process: saves dyeing time and cost.

Product Usage

  • Paired with other fibers: N/T interweaving, C/T interweaving, Spandex/T covering, or paired with other fibers that are not suitable for high temperature dyeing.
  • Normal pressure dyeing cylinder can be used for dyeing : the low temperature dyed yarn can be dyed using the normal pressure dyeing cylinder at 98℃, no need for high pressure dyeing cylinder to dye polyester yarns.                                    


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